Favourite mythology reads for children

Rick Riordan, Maz Evans, Hugh Lupton are introducing the world of the Greek Myths to young readers.

The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians) Rick Riordan

Don’t avoid Rick Riordan’s series of books that introduces characters from the classic myths to build a world of mysteries, powers and dangers. Here the mythology is used as a background to the struggles of a twelve year-old boy who feels like a misfit but has much to discover about himself.



Who let the Gods Out? Maz Evans

This is another modern story of a young person with bigger things to worry about than unexplained supernatural events. Elliot is thrown into a world of powers beyond his control while facing up to his Mum being ill and worrying about the family keeping their home. The funny and shocking effects of becoming part of the struggles between Gods and Goddesses make this a great read.


The Adventures of Odysseus Hugh Lupton

This classic retelling of the epic adventures creates the magical feel of one of the greatest stories of all time. The illustrations throughout the book are striking and the action moves quickly but beautifully to take the reader on a dreamlike journey into the classic tale.



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